Jane Acierno’s Second In School Reflection

On Wednesday April 20th I volunteered with Empty Bowls. In Empty Bowls we create, paint, and glaze bowls. The bowls are later sold to parents and community members for a dinner event. The money made from the bowls goes to charity. In the beginning, we watched a video about the mission of Empty Bowls so that we could understand what we were working for. There were more people than I expected at Empty Bowls: all high school grades were represented. I liked that we all talked as a group rather than separating our conversations by grade. I got to speak with people I would not normally speak with. I have also not had the chance to take more than one art class in high school, and I really enjoyed getting to paint. It was a creative and fun way to spend an afternoon, and I felt good because I was doing service. I hope Empty Bowls continues at Friends after Jack leaves because it is a good organization.

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