Jason’s Second Service Reflection on Environment Sustainability Conference

This year I attended the first annual Sustainability Through Student Voices conference. It was a great way to learn about the various environmental problems facing our planet. The conference was setup with two speakers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and then there were three periods with many different presentations on different issues and I got to choose which ones to attend. The presentations included talks about plastic bag bans and issues with our shrinking clean water supply. There was also a reflection session at the end and it was really interesting to hear other people’s takeaways from the conference and how they would change their daily lives based on what they learned at the conference. I learned about changes I could make in my every day life to reduce my impact on the environment; however, one of the biggest takeaways I had from the conference was that we are still not doing enough as a society to reduce our impact on our planet. I really recommend this conference to anyone who is looking to educate themselves about ways to help save environments all over the world. One of the best parts about this even is that it is led by students so you are learning and discussing ideas with many of your peers.

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