God’s Love We Deliver, Esme Fairbairn

Friends has, for a long time, had a strong partnership with God’s Love We Deliver. The annual holiday bag decorating for those who cannot cook for themselves or supply their own food for their families has always been a highlight of my service learning at Friends. It allows us to have such an immediate positive and loving effect on our NYC community.

This year, along with a few peers, I volunteered at the God’s Love We Deliver Youth Internship Program. We met many Sundays to learn about the business side of the philanthropic organisation as well as operations and client services. We were also able to help with hands on work such as chopping hundreds of vegetables for the daily soups and other meals whilst enjoying the company of the¬†volunteers who come from all over the city to give back.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to experience a committed and loving¬†organisation in depth. God’s Love really has an incredible amount of passion everyday when it comes to helping those in need. I would like to thank them for everything they have taught me and for the wonderful experience I have had there this year.

Esme Fairbairn

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