Sammy’s Service Quest at Kidz Theater

I have been involved with Kidz Theater, a non-profit teen theater organization, since my sophomore year and have had some of my most meaningful learning experiences there. Being a non-profit institution, KT’s revenue derives from ticket sales, classes, and donations. The professionals and kids alike who volunteer devote massive amounts of time and energy to producing great art and fostering an incredible, loving, supportive, professional, learning environment.

On this day in particular, all of the technical elements of the show that I’m in, “Legally Blonde,” had to be loaded into the theater and set up. Students from New Jersey, Staten Island, Long Island, and other locations made the trek, despite school and travel fare, to arrive at the theater and help focus lights, paint set pieces, clean up the dressing rooms, and facilitate the transition from rehearsal room to theater space. It was creative in both senses, as the show came together before our eyes. I learned new technical skills, became friends with more of the staff, and developed closer relationships with my fellow cast mates. People who weren’t even in the show came by just to say hello and lend a hand! It’s amazing how art will bring people together like that. It was a tiring, beautiful time, full of hard work, collaboration, dedication, communication, and selflessness, values that Friends has imparted on me throughout my years here and that I hope to take with me as I travel and grow in life.



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