Alexander’s Volunteer Work in Stuyvesant Park

Over the course of this year I have volunteered with the Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) to help garden in the park next to school. I helped plant flower bulbs before winter, rake leaves in th spring and spread mulch to help the soil. I got to meet a lot of people in the neighborhood who also wanted to help and I enjoyed gardening with groups of highschoolers from other schools or programs. Now when I walk through the park seeing all the green and the flowers I can actually see what I worked for and what I planted. SPNA has gardening events every other Saturday. They are quite fun and I encourage anyone in need of service or who wants to help garden to try. For any information you can contact SPNA at

SPNA Website

Seen while Gardening

Seen while Gardening

A mulch pile we distributed, from spna facebook

A mulch pile we distributed, from SPNA Facebook

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