Fouad’s Service Reflection

This year, I assisted in calling and writing notes to Friends Seminary alumni in regards to donating to this year’s Annual Fund. Of course,
receiving a donation from someone you had recently called felt rewarding since it gave me a chance to give back to the community which gives me access to my community which offers me an education, is open to my many complaints, and allows me to perform in a professional setting. However, the most interesting part of this seemingly-awkward task to me was hearing what Friends Seminary alumni were doing today.
After dialing the first number, I was greeted by a friendly voice regarding his law office which I realized was a voicemail mid-response. After the beep and an awkward voicemail, I proceeded to consider this man’s life. At one point or another, he lived day to day under the same roof, taking the same classes, with some of the same teachers I am now. After dialing more numbers, I realized that all of these people had once led extremely similar lives yet somehow spread to all different jobs of the world.
While calling and writing to more alumni, I kept bringing my attention to the fact that they were once Friends students like me and that one day a future student could be calling me. Hearing the questions alumni had about Friends today led me to wonder how Friends will evolve in the future. How would the life of that future Friends Seminary student; a most-likely stressed, tired, determined, and service-credit-needing (and service enjoying) person be different from the one I lead today. If they’re having a bad day, will their go-to place be the new art piece Friends is planning on displaying. I look forward to hearing about the future of Friends and thinking back to this service experience.

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