Mason’s Free Tibet Graphic Design Project

For our most recent project, my graphic design class teamed up with the printmaking class to create prints and posters. Each group of about three students was instructed to choose a social issue, and make two prints. My group, which consisted of Chi Osse, Amanda Liebman, and myself decided to choose Free Tibet and self-immolation as our issue. We first made the designs on Adobe Illustrator. While the designs were printed, we transferred them into Blender, a 3D designing program, and printed 3D plates out of the printers in Studio 5. We then brought the plates to the other art room and made manual prints with different colors, papers, and other materials. We believe self-immolation and the Tibetan independence movements are very important issues, and realized this project was a great way to address and raise awareness for the issues. Our designs and plates are currently in a case on the main stairs between the third and fourth floors, and the prints are all around the school. We hope you will check out the art we made for this project.

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