Nahid’s Service Reflection

On March 21st, I had the opportunity to attend a finance literary workshop as part of a service opportunity to learn more about financial security. Having been part of an investment club for the TEAK Fellowship in which we were tasked with investing a $3,000 donation in different companies to maximize funding, I have found myself to be more and more interested in business and economics. Ever since I had failed to understand a single word of a business article in The Economist from my older brother’s stack of subscribed newspapers and magazines, I wanted to understand how money worked. To say that my short time at the First Republic Bank enlightened me with a superior understanding of the nature of cash would be ridiculous and frankly quite untrue since I still find myself baffled as to how I may start a day with 20 dollars in my pockets, buy lunch for 10 , a drink for 5, and end the day with negative 2 dollars. Nevertheless, attending the workshop and having the opportunity to speak with bankers, investors, and communication directors inspired me to learn more about stocks, markets, and why you should never register for those credit cards they send you during your first year of college. As part of the service requirement, taking time to explain some of these concepts to my peers, family, and friends also enabled me to “pay it forward” so to speak and I hope they do the same. Not only have I applied what I learned at the workshop to some of our business decisions in the investment club at TEAK, but I also hope to take that knowledge with me during my intro to business course at Columbia this summer. Despite being only three hours long, the finance literary workshop proved to be a meaningful and inspiring opportunity to learn more about a potential college major/minor.

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