Mali’s Service Reflection

Throughout the year, I worked with Katherine Farrell as a student ambassador helping to arrange events, expand social media, and create more interaction between Friends students and Alumni. The largest and most significant task that I completed was organizing the 2015 Friends Homecoming panel for the seniors.  Jada and I worked closely together to select Friends alumni who could share with the senior class their experiences moving from college to the work world. In order to select a panel, we sent out a survey to the senior class asking them about their interests and the types of professions they would be interested in learning about. The results of the survey showed that networking was the main topic of interest for the seniors. Once we had the topic, Jada and wrote emails to young alumni asking if they’d be interested in speaking to the seniors during Homecoming. Some of the alumni responded to these emails immediately, while others waited months before declining. This email exchange was entirely new for me and often made it very complicated to know our next steps.

After months of exchanging emails, Jada and I finally had enough alumni to speak about networking at the event. During Homecoming, Jada and I facilitated the panel for the seniors, taking turns to ask directed questions of the alumni. This experience taught me a lot about the challenges of working with alumni and arranging an event, however, it also opened helped me see that I liked having a leadership role in planning and facilitating the event.  I look forward to working as a student ambassador next year and continuing to expand my understanding of development work.

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