Lizzie’s experience with DRA

This spring was my third participation with the annual Dancers Responding to Aids performance at Friends. I don’t consider myself to be a very good or even remotely trained dancer, but I was encouraged by one of the choreographers and my friend to join one of the dances. I think the true philanthropic nature of the event can potentially be overlooked when engrossed in the beauty of the dances and talent of the dancers. While training and rehearsing for the performance, I was so bogged down by the stress of wanting to do a good job that I managed to forget the primary final goal and end product of such an incredibly successful and moving event such as DRA. The nature of DRA is one that isn’t often found in other schools, and contributes greatly to the uniqueness and singularity of the Friends institution, most specifically the performing arts/dance departments. It wasn’t until the night of the performance that I had pieced together the joy and pleasure of preparing for the show and then performing alongside such incredibly talented people for such an incredibly thoughtful cause. The DRA event at Friends is the perfect harmony of enjoyment, reward and service, making it the pinnacle of successful philanthropy in the Friends community.

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