Emma Higgins’ Service Reflection 2016

Alongside about 12 other student leaders from Independent Schools around NYC, Ben Wong and I, representing Friends, planned and coordinated the first ever student-lead sustainability conference sponsored by NYAIS, held from 10am to 4pm at the Calhoun School. Organizing such an important and worthwhile event with energetic and passionate students was an honor and a privilege. At the conclusion of months of work, I was able to open and close the conference, lead my own workshop, and meet two inspirational speakers, Anjali Appadurai and Kehkeshan Basu, both of whom have been deeply involved in environmental policy for the United Nations. I continue to do everything in my power to live sustainably every day, but an event such as this one reminded me that it takes large scale collaboration to see real progress. The chain starts at the local and community level. Together, we need to galvanize and mobilize the youngest generation in order to move towards a brighter future for our planet. sustainability through student voices

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