Messiah’s Service Reflection with Earth Matters

I volunteered at an Earth Matters service event on Governor’s island. On the island we helped plant seeds that will grow this summer, played with animals, learned about bees, and were taught about composting. I thought the day would simply be long and tedious, but as the day progressed I found myself enjoying it learning a lot about nature and how we have to take care of it. I learned how to plant in rows by hoeing dirt then making small holes and planting the seeds. We watered the seeds after hours of planting, and I felt good knowing that they will grow into fruits and vegetables for people to eat. During the process we had a short break where we learned a lot about bees and how they are transported to make honey, and I was surprised to find out how smart bees actually are. The people with Earth Matters who worked with us seemed to be very passionate about their job, and enjoyed every minute of their work. I enjoyed my work with Earth Matters, and hope to work with them again.



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