Mateo’s Service Reflection

This year I had the honor of being part of God’s Love We Deliver’s first Youth Internship Program. God’s Love We Deliver’s mission is provide food to those who have chronic diseases and are in a poor economic situation. God’s Love We Deliver has specialized nutritionists that create a healthy meal  specialized for each patient and the condition they are in. When you walk into the break room to start the day you see black and white portraits of affected patients. You get to see the terrible struggle they wake up to everyday and the terrible disease they must face every day. Every time I got to the building to volunteer, I always take a moment to look at these portraits as I walk into the room. They serve as a strong reminder that the work you do there has a direct impact on someone’s life. This is why I feel such a direct impact at God’s Love We Deliver. When you cook and make a contribution, you know you are changing the life of hundreds of people for the better. This is further reinforced by the extremely positive attitude of the workers. They are always providing extremely positive feedback about how to do some of the cooking more efficiently. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this experience as I really feel like I am making a difference in my community. Friends has granted me such a unique opportunity as they are one of the few school that sponsors this Youth Internship Program.

I have been able to get involved outside of the internship program by going to their website at:

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