Simon’s Service Reflection

For my out of school service this year I worked at Tompkins Square during MulchFest in the fall. A few other Friends’ students and I helped spread mulch throughout the park to nurture the growth and prosperity of the plants in the park. The mulch was made up of New Yorkers’ Christmas trees and wreaths which they had brought to the park and put in the wood chipper. Our group took turns between moving the mulch in wheelbarrows and spreading the mulch out with rakes. When we finished after 4 long, tiring hours it was very satisfying to see how much progress we had made. All of the people working at the park that day were enthusiastic and kind which made everyone feel welcome. Working at the park was very meaningful to me because I was recycling something as well as helping the environment. Most of my service this year pertained to the environment from the MulchFest to the Plant Sale, to the Flint Water Crisis: All of this means a lot to me.

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