Nick’s experience at the First Presbyterian Homeless Shelter

Over the past four years, I have worked extensively with the homeless shelter at the First Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue and 12th street.  I have volunteered in a number of roles, from helping set up the beds before the night to organizing other youth volunteers.  Last weekend, I volunteered for the last time as a high school student.  The homeless shelter season just ended, so my job was to take stock of what the shelter had, and what it needs for the new season this fall.  This meant taking out all of the beds, linens, and stock items.  I wiped down all of the beds and pillows, and decided whether or not they needed to order new ones.  In addition, I cleaned out the stock closet.  My time volunteering with the First Presbyterian Church homeless shelter has been very rewarding.  I have volunteered there even before high school, so volunteering with them comes very easy.  I always have fun, and I look forward to volunteering there in the future.

Click here to learn more about the Church and their homeless shelter.

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