Nicolette’s Work with Lower School Music Classes

This year, I aided Kristin Marchilena with a some of her Lower School music classes. I had hoped to gain experience with both children and music, and I was delighted by the both the creativity and merriness of the class. The children, despite being very rowdy very often, were respective of their teacher and myself. If they broke a rule, they were quick to rectify the problem when commented on. Often though, I felt as though I wasn’t too sure how I was helping. I felt as though I was simply playing and singing with them and not doing any work. Kristin explained to me that without me around, the classes were usually much crazier. She told me that the kids respected me and enjoyed playing with me; this realisation made me extremely happy and helped me realise that service doesn’t have to feel like work. Overall, I truly enjoyed working with Kristen and the kids. I hope to continue working with children in the future.

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