Edie’s Service Reflection

Throughout the course of this year, I worked with pediatrician Alan Shapiro at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the South Bronx.  Alan does great work with underprivileged children who suffer from various illnesses.  Many of his patients have asthma and breathing issues due to living in tiny, cramped apartments with inadequate cleaning maintenance and ventilation.  Alan not only works as a doctor for these children, but he often develops personal relationships with them and their families, becoming a father figure to some or an older brother to others.  Alan is my neighbor and I have grown up around him, running to him when I got a cut or that horrible time I was stung between my toes by a bee.  Alan is easily one of the greatest, most intelligent, and selfless people I know, and I feel honored to have gotten to work with him.  Over the course of a couple months, I collected clothes from many different families I know, organizing a drive and sorting through and washing the clothes.  After a couple months of collecting, my dad and I brought the clothes to Alan at the hospital in the South Bronx.  I was able to meet a few patients while I was there and see pure joy cross a little girl called Cora’s face as she unfolded a barbie sweatshirt I had brought.  To this day, I still receive letters and photos from the children and families who got some of the clothes and it warms my heart.  I plan to continue collecting clothes for the children at this hospital this summer and next school year because it was a great experience.

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