Felsenthal Service Reflection

For my out of school service requirement, I helped out at my old synagogue West End Synagogue(http://westendsynagogue.org). What I did was for Purim and Yom Kippur, I set up decorations and tables with games and food on them. The games were meant to entertain little kids who were not old enough to attend the proper service. I liked setting up the decorations because I could be creative in making them. While it was a big commitment, the experience was still fulfilling to me. Helping the little kids be entertained was difficult but rewarding. After all, I was once their age and similarly bored by when I had to go, so it felt nice being able to make the experience more entertaining for them. Also, some of my other duties like making decorations and giving out food made the experience more enjoyable for everyone of all ages, Finally, I had not been to West End Synagogue in a long time, and so it the service was a good opportunity to reconnect with the place and people I had not seen for a long time.

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