Flores Service Reflection

The Friday before the Spring Fair, Elena and I were two of many who blew up balloons to make the balloon arch. Initially, I figured it would be an easy task but it proved to be quite difficult. When we first arrived, we were told to watch a video describing the complex process of making a balloon arch. This video utterly challenged my previously acquired knowledge of blowing up balloons. Instead of using our breath or helium to fill the balloons, we used a machine. I also learned about the existence of this contraption called a balloon sizer, which is basically a box used to ensure that all balloons were of the same diameter. The one sold by the company was about thirty dollars, so instead we were supplied with a piece of cardboard with a hole cut out to size the balloons. Despite these resources designed to aid the arch making process, there were still many challenges to overcome. First of all, there were a lot of people who were helping make the arch and only one air machine and balloon sizer to be shared. We also had to precisely follow the instructions of the video and had to make certain that the individual parts of the arch would all fit together which ended up not being as easy as i thought. 

With so many people and so many balloons and only one machine, I expected chaos to ensue. However, after a few minutes, people of all ages were seamlessly working together to create this arch. There were many smaller groups all responsible for a different part of the arch, all using the same balloon blower to complete their tasks. I alternated using the blower to blow up balloons with people from other groups. Elena sized the balloons I blew up, lower schoolers tied these balloons, and others attached them to the rings to be connected to the arch. Although it was a bit hectic with so many people and so much to do, everyone’s enthusiastic attitudes towards each other made the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Through the preparation for the Spring Fair, the true spirit of Friends was revealed. Despite the hardships, Adults and children united and were able to create something colorful and beautiful. The Quaker values of Friends have supported me since Freshman year and helped me grow into the person I am today. It was the least I could do to help prepare for the Spring Fair, an event that would further bring the community together and foster an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

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