Friends Shelter

Last week I cooked dinner for the friends shelter. With the help of my mom I went to the store and got all of the ingredients for lasagna, salad (both for dinner) muffins (for breakfast) and some cookies for desert. After this we went home and took a couple hours to prepare the meal. We packed up the food in containers and put in some utensils and brought it to the shelter. When we got there the volunteers were finishing setting up and their faces lit up when they saw all the food. They were so thankful and it felt so great to make a difference in someone’s life; even if it were supplying them with one dinner on one night. The next day I got an email from the head of the friends shelter saying thanks and that the guests loved the food. She said that at night they “started to sing because of how happy they were about the food” and “in the morning they were still humming and singing.” I can’t really describe with words how this made me feel to know that I helped people feel this way, but I plan on doing this again and helping more people find this happiness however I can.

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