Theo Schneider – The GO Project

This past summer and fall, I volunteered at the GO Project, where underprivileged children can have access to high quality education and resources. My responsibilities included helping the children focus and finish their projects. It was truly amazing to see the children who I helped teach improve by leaps and bounds over the course of my time there. Although it was very challenging, I was able to learn patience and collaborative skills from dealing with the children. I was also able to see education from an educators perspective which helped me understand how people learn. In addition, I learned about the great problem of educational inequity in New York and the US in general. I believe my experience was very positive overall, and I learned as much as the children in my class did.

One thought on “Theo Schneider – The GO Project

  1. Theo,
    Thanks for volunteering with GO. I love Olivia and imagine you got a lot from the GO Getter internship. Service has a way of widening our perspectives and develop an appreciation for others. Teaching does involve a lot of patience and care. I am sure the students appreciated all that you shared of yourself with them.

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