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This year in American History 11 my class did one of two tours. One of the two tours was taking kids who work with the Go Project on a walk around the area near the Grace Church School, where the Go Project holds their classes and activities during the weekends. The other tour of the two was an alumni tour for Friends alumni. This tour took place around the area near Friends instead of Grace Church. For both tours, students needed to map out their stops and organize a theme for their tour as a whole. Each tour was also restricted to one hour only. Therefore, students needed to strategize in order to be back to both schools on time. I chose to be a tour guide on one of the Go Project tours. We gathered at the Grace Church School at around noon and ate with the kids and introduced ourselves before leaving the Grace Church School on the tour. Then we toured for one hour some spots around Washington Square Park and returned to the school. The most interesting thing that I noticed was that the kids were interested in what we were showing them, they just needed some visual cues, maps or some verbal support to help them understand what we were teaching them. Overall, it was a great experience for me and I think the kids I worked with enjoyed it because it was different for them from a regular Go Project day when they would work as if they were at school.

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  1. The feedback from the teachers and staff at the GO Project was that the students LOVED it. One student shared with Olivia Nunez, the Community Engagement Coordinator that he wished all of his history classes were so interesting. Thank you for helping these middle school students see history in a more dynamic light.

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