Geo’s exploration of the Flint Water Crisis

As the end of the school year came in hurry I was given the oppurtunity to further investigate the Flint, Michigan water crisis. As an end of the year project for my Chemistry class. We were split up into groups and given a certain topic from this years chemistry class and had to relate it to the water crisis in Flint. For example I was given concentration which is a unit we learned through out the year and i had to connect concentration to the crisis and how it played a role to the negative changes in the water. My partner and I did extensive research on the water crisis and also more research on the concnetration to make the project eeasier for both of us. The information the was recieved throught the extensicve research was very intriguing and interesting. Everything I found out was an extra step from just listening to what people had to say on the news. Also looking at it from a scientific perspective made the experience of looking at the crisis way better and more engageable. The group project was only half of the final project. The other half of the project I chose to do a water purification lab and write a lab report based off of it. During this lab I was given a sample of contaminated water and different chemicals to react with the water to make it pure. Doing this experiment helped me understand ways water can become uncontaminated with different chemicals based off different types of reactions we leaerned this previous year. Even though it wasnt the same situation as the Flint water crisis it has some ties between them and the lab was an in class representation of the crisis.