Bea’s Summer Service 2016

This summer I volunteered for three different organizations: East Hampton Public Library, Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue, and helped participate in Quilts for Pulse.

Every year I help volunteer at the libraries annual Children’s Book Fair.  This year I worked at different booths at the fair helping children chalk dye their hair as well as apply temporary tattoos. After the fair ended, I helped take down all of the furniture and clean up underneath the giant tent, since the fair is held outdoors.  I also volunteered at the library itself, helping to shelve books and organize the YA section of the library.

This summer I also volunteered for a couple of days at a horse rescue out on long island, that also housed pigs, goats, chickens, and rabbits for the first time. There I was one of the older volunteers so I had to help with harder jobs such as clearing trees out of paddocks, watering the trees, and refilling the dozens of fly traps around the property.  The farm houses more than 40 horses along with the other animals, although there are not many volunteers there to help out with the animals.

My friend, Miraya, and I also helped participate in the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quilts for Pulse Drive by designing and making a heart quilt for the survivors of the Orlando shooting.  Together over a series of days we designed and sewed together a full quilt top which will be given to someone in Orlando.

This year I definitely felt more involved in the community, both in the city and Long Island.  I felt I was given more responsibility at the places where I had volunteered before, as well as given a view into organizations that weren’t as popular and really needed more attention.  This summer really helped to expand my view and give me a better sense of understanding at the community.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Bea! It sounds like you had a wonderful, service-filled summer. I really appreciate that you spent your time with three different organizations. I am really interested in hearing more about Quilts for Pulse. Do you have a picture of the quilt you created?

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