Jackson’s Service Reflection 2016

This summer I was an Intern for Congresswoman Maloney’s office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Congresswoman Maloney represents the 12th District of  New York, which entails Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. I actually learned that Friends Seminary is in Congresswoman Maloney’s district.

As an Intern, I had a variety of jobs/tasks I had to complete. I would work the phones, answering calls from constituents in the community, staff members from other congressional offices, or even the Congresswoman herself. When I was answering calls from constituents, I ended up developing a real sense of pride, because I was helping members of my community with their issues. I also would write letters back to constituents who had written in, in the voice of the Congresswoman. Since I had to research the topics that the constituents wrote in about, I learned a great deal about topics I would have never thought I would learn about.  I wrote letters about the banning of Shark Finning, the ending of the Yulin Dog Festival, Funding of Military Bands and a variety of random subjects.

I also worked on projects for the Congresswoman, mostly consisting of working of trying to pass the ERA, or Equal Rights Act. Since the Congresswoman is the sponsor of H.J.Res 52, or the Equal Rights Act, she was working her hardest to get members of congress- Republican and Democrat- to sign the bill. The Interns jobs were to call the offices of other members who had not signed, and try to find the correct staffer to talk to. We also were tasked with finding inequalities in men and women’s pricing and putting it in a spreadsheet for her. I was the only intern whom the Congresswoman brought aside and she told me that my work really impressed her.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience this summer, in which I learned what it was like to work in an office and also be able to help my community at the same time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Jackson! I am sure the constituents really appreciated your volunteer work. I am happy to hear that you learned about something that you wouldn’t have normally studied.

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