Bookie’s Summer ’16 Service Opportunity

Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center Waiting Room

This summer I volunteered at the Safe Horizon Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. I was there for  4  weeks in total, volunteering Mondays and Tuesdays from 9-5 and Thursdays from 12-8. I have always been interested in psychology so any experience in the field really interests me. 

During my  days at the BCAC , I would offer my assistance to anyone who needed help, especially a CFS, a Clinical Forensic Specialist, because they were always on their feet working on multiple cases. A lot of the time I would supervise children and engage them in the play area. This gave me the opportunity to have more experience with little kids. In the office, I helped with scanning and filing charts electronically, which allowed me to improve on my organization skills.  I would also conduct research for the clinical forensic specialists’ team on organizations, their missions and contact persons. This also allowed me to improve on my research skills. I prepared data and outcome for expedited case reviews by arranging the information appropriate for management meeting. This let me have an “in” with the live cases to understand more about the line of work but always in a professional  manner so to keep all the information confidential. Lastly, I would often help organize therapeutic rooms to create a safe and friendly environment for clients during their weekly or monthly visits.


I really enjoyed my volunteer experience at the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. The staff  help so many parents and children- the work they do is amazing.

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  1. Hi Bookie,
    Thank you for your thoughtful reflection. Do you plan to continue your work with the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center throughout the year?

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