MetoWe Kenya Service Trip, Esme Fairbairn

Words cannot begin to describe how kind, loving, grateful and humble Kenyans are.

I had been to Kenya before, but with my family in a very different setting. I was welcomed to the community of Enelerai in the Masai Mara with the ‘Jumbo’ song and immediately felt at ease and at home. For three weeks I became extraordinarily close with the community – the children who attend the primary and secondary schools, the mamas who bead and make congas to generate a source of alternate income whilst maintaining their households and walking miles multiple times every day just to collect water for their families, Masai warriors as well as those in my group also experiencing the amazing community.

We spent the three weeks digging five foot foundations for the dining hall of the new boy’s secondary boarding school (apart of the Jenga project) which will soon be completed. When we visited the Kisaruni Girl’s Secondary school, the girl’s passions truly showed as they spoke with us about their plans for the future, the dreams of becoming engineers, therapists and teachers. Building a school that would have the same impact on young men was truly rewarding.

We also visited and learned about the Baraka Health Clinic, stayed two nights in traditional Boma huts, living as many Kenyans do, shopped at a traditional roadside market, visited the local farm, learned swahili, warrior training and had multiple modules discussing the issues we saw in more depth. It feels uncanny to put these life changing things into list form: as words cannot describe the people I met, nor can they describe the experience I had.

I am forever grateful for the relationships that formed in Kenya and the experiences I will never be able to have again that came as a result of this trip. img_5644 img_5703 img_5732 img_5746 img_5798 img_6515 img_6644

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  1. Esme,
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful reflection. Your trip looked wonderful and fulfilling. Your pictures are great! I feel like I was there with you. Thank you.

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