Tiffany’s Experience at the Fun&Friends Camp

This summer I volunteered as a camp counselor at the Fun and Friends Camp. This camp was dedicated to spreading cultural awareness to children of color. The story of how the camp was started was inspiring. The camp leader, Patrick Cox, has an adopted daughter named Isabella. He found that she was one of the only black children in her school and wanted to create a place where she could interact with other children whom were both physically and culturally alike; thus Fun and Friends was created. There were approximately 40 kids ranging from ages 5-12. It was incredibly fun watching over the kids, wether that meant playing with them or giving them a hug if they became homesick. I was designated to find videos for the voting period of the day, where the kids would watch a video and vote on their favorite one. They all seemed fascinated by children in their age range doing things as incredible as the kids in the videos. We also had a steel drummer, movie director, author and many other incredibly role models come and educate the children on their profession. It was an incredible three weeks working with lovely children and ultimately building a strong, loving community for people of color.

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