Chelsea’s Summer in Kenya

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Over the summer my family and I visited Kenya, where we met a woman named Bathsheba who told us her life story. She recounted the horrors she endured in her life to us. She made us aware of the sexual, physical and verbal abuse she went through in her life. She told us how she had been stalked because some people in her community believed her rich husband was still alive. They wanted to kill him and take his money. At one point the story became too much for her and she actually passed out on top of Phoebe. After we heard all of this, we decided we needed to do something for her.
Phoebe, our friends, and I decided to raise money for her to start her own business. Over the summer we did two bake sales, raising over $200 for Bathsheba to start her own hair-braiding company. We couldn’t just give her money directly because it would make her a target for the people who had hurt her and her family in the past. Refuge Point , a charity that helps refugees start their lives again, used our bake sale money to give Bathsheba a grant to use for her business. This experience affected the way I think about money and how much money is worth in different places. It is sometimes difficult to figure out the best way to help people, and this organization (Refuge Point) helped me understand how to do that.

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