Aminahs back to school night service 2016

I’ve always loved participating in back to school night. The week before I always tell my mom how excited I am for her to meet my teachers and get a sense of my daily schedule. In the past years, I’ve been a bell ringer where every ten minutes I run around the hallways signaling for the parents to move to their next classroom. This year however, I was a greeter! For some reason when I received Denmans email with the job assignments I was so excited to be greeting people in the lobby. I loved saying hi to all my friends parents and to my mom when she walked in. I felt proud to share what the students do with the parents. My favorite part was helping lost parents around the school. It was actually a lot of fun trying to explain where a classroom was. It also surprised me by how much I knew about the school when parents would ask random questions. Afterwards, I was engine my upset that I won’t be able to attend back to school night again at Friends.

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