Aminahs summer service 2015

Last summer, I went to Amherst to a service camp for two weeks. Each day we did a complete different activity which kept everyone extremely interested. On the first day, we went to a farm and pulled weeds and help wash the freshly pulled vegetables. We saw the entire process from start to finish of how the vegetables are grown and then sent to the markets. The next day we went to a food bank and organized all the food sent in. If a box is slightly damaged from a supermarket, the location we worked at takes those items, repackages them and then are sent to homes in need.

My favorite activity was on the last two days of the program. We created little stuffed animals that would be sent to sick children in the hospitals. Knowing how much the children would appreciate the stuffed animals, everyone in my camp worked super hard and carefully to make the cutest animal. 

One thought on “Aminahs summer service 2015

  1. Thanks for sharing your summer experience, Aminah. I love to hear that everyone wanted to make the cutest animal- it shows that you all really cared about the project.

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