Lucas Pryor’s Summer Service Reflection 2016

Over this past summer I went on a six-day trip to Tobago with the rest of the boys varsity soccer team.  This was one of my most favorite trips I have taken.  Besides from being able to explore the country, have fun in the caribbean sea, and play a lot of soccer, we partnered up with the organization Kleats for Kids.  We all collected as many used cleats as we were able to fit in our luggage and bring to Tobago, and we brought them with us.  At these clinics, the players participated as leaders as we took the children through drills that we do as the varsity soccer team.  At the end of these clinics we gave out our cleats to the children so that they would have better equipment to use when they play.  Being able to help the local community grow in a facet of life I am passionate about made the trip feel all the more worthwile.

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