William Penzer’s Politics Service

I am taking Stefan’s Politics class this year. As expected, the class is dominated by talk of the 2016 Presidential election; we frequently read news articles about the candidates, watch the presidential debates, and examine each candidate’s policies. We recently did a side by side comparison of each candidate’s policies for the benefit of the school community. On this blog, students and faculty can see each candidate’s stance on important social, economic, and political issues. My partner and I compared the candidates’ stances on the 2nd Amendment and Criminal Justice Reform. We explored Trump’s and Hillary’s campaign websites to gather the bulk of our information and also reviewed their social media feeds. We were careful not use any sources that were not clearly sanctioned by their campaigns as to avoid misrepresenting either candidate. This project gave me the opportunity to look more closely at our two candidates for president and determine, as objectively as possible, where each stands on these important issues. With many important issues compiled together on the Politics blog, others in our community (regardless of their political involvement or leanings) can better inform themselves on the upcoming presidential election.

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