Rios Summer Service Reflection

This Summer the mens varsity soccer team took a trip to Tobago. We went to Tobago because it is where Sherwan and Warren are both from and they thought it would be nice to bring the team out to give back to  the communities out there as well as play a few games against some decent Tobagonian teams. While in Tobago, we played three games. One game was against a team of men from the ages of around 15-25. Another game was against a high school and our last game was against some of the best young players on the island. We won the first and last games and tied the middle game. The service we did was not only fun, but it was a great experience for everyone on the team. We were able to train with some kids from the island multiple times. We trained children from the ages of 6-18 at different schools and soccer programs. We were also able to give children who are less fortunate than us soccer equipment. This was fun for me because the children would get really excited when they saw all the cleats lined up on the sideline. Aside from doing service, the team swam in different beaches around the island and explored secret spots that warren and Sherwan showed us. Over all the trip was a major success and I hope the school is able to do it again next summer and further summers in the future.

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