Gus’s Summer Volunteering at St. Joseph’s Medical Center

This summer, throughout the end of June and for the first three weeks of July, I volunteered at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers, NY. Every morning I would take a Metro-North train to Yonkers and walk about 10 minutes until I arrived at the hospital, where I did a variety of volunteering jobs. The head of volunteering at the hospital is Maria Callarame, who I became very close to over my time volunteeringĀ there. Every morning I would go to her office and talk for a few minutes before she told me who needed help throughout the hospital. The job I did most often was helping Pearl, who worked in Medical Records and I also became very close to, scan the retired doctor’s files so there would be a digital copy of themĀ and the paper copy could be shredding and recycled to make room for new doctors being added to the hospital. I also made goodie bags for patients checking out of the hospital, assisted nurses in the ER make beds and deliver blood samples to the lab, and made files with the proper documents for EMT personnel and nurses checking in new patients. Not only was it fulfilling to see the work I was doing manifested in front of me in the form of grateful employees or more space in file storage bins, but I got an introduction to what it might be like to pursue a medical profession, which I am interested in doing. The staff was very welcoming and encouraged me to return during school breaks and next summer, which I look forward to doing.

The image below is a photo of my ID card that I was given.


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