Arya Singh’s Summer Service with Roche Pharmaceuticals

This summer, I worked with Roche Pharmaceuticals, a medical company that creates new medicines for patients that hopefully cure their diseases. I collaborated with Roche to create an app that will use surveys and games to track patients’ progress after taking a new medication. A patient will use this app everyday, and it will overtime track a patient’s progress and strength via games. I was able to help Roche create games that will effectively test patients’ strength and will also provide exciting, engaging and fun games for children to play. For example, I suggested ways to test patients’ strength and also helped design the app + create games to make┬ámake it more fun and exciting. Additionally, I got to create surveys that will be sent to hospitals across the US for patients to answer. With that information, I will run “focus groups” where I will interview patients for what they hope to see in the upcoming app, and from that information, Roche will improve their app to make it better suited for patients.┬áThis was a a really fun and rewarding experience because I was able to interact directly with patients who will be heavily impacted by this app and medication, which will hopefully be able to improve their quality of life.

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  1. Arya, this sounds like an amazing opportunity! Thank you for sharing. It is amazing that you had such a hands on role during your time.

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