Lucas’ Experience with Kleats for Kids

Towards the end of the summer vacation, the Varsity Boy’s Soccer Team flew out to Tobago.  Our two coaches, Warren and Sherwin, were born there but left to pursue their careers in soccer and coaching.  They have built an outstanding relationship for the Friends Seminary soccer team over the years and wanted to give back to their community.  With the help of Kleats for Kids the team took our service trip Tobago.  That week we woke up early to give coaching clinics to children and donate cleats to all of them, and played games at night against the locals.  The smoldering heat and the dripping sweat was all worth it to see the smile on the kids faces.  We went around to all the local spots that the coaches knew and learned as much as we could about their culture in a week.  It was an incredible experience to bond as a team, but more importantly bond with all the kind and welcoming Tobagonians.

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