Aqib’s Summer Experience With Go Project

This summer, I worked for a non profit called Go Project. Go Project is a non profit that works on helping kids all the way from K to over 5th grade catch up to their grade level. Instead of summer school, they can learn here over the summer in a fun and inclusive learning environment. My job here was working as a teaching assistant. I aided a teacher to help a 3rd grade class learn a variety of topics ranging from fractions and decimals to improving their reading level. The kids enjoyed the many different activities. They also got to take part in extra curricular activities after they finished their work. This experience was very rewarding for the kids and for me. Not only did it help the kids improve their skills and have a fun time, but it also helped me grow as a teacher and make new relationships too. I hope others follow in working for Go Project and helping the kids continue to excel in school.

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