Ginger’s Summer Service Reflection

For the second summer, I spent a week shadowing a cardiologist at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Similarly to last year, I spent time in both the cath lab and in the patient center. In the cath lab, I watched a plethora of angiograms. It was interesting to see how medicine has evolved over the course of a year, as the standard spot of catheter insertion during an angiogram had changed from being inserted into the femoral artery to being inserted into the radial artery. Being in the patient center, I was able to talk to a diverse range of patients and I was given a much better insight into bedside manner. Unlike last year, I had the opportunity to spend time in the echo lab, stress test lab, consenting patients, and watching non-operating room procedures. I acquired a much deeper knowledge of the different facets of cardiology. I also had the opportunity to attend an American Heart Association discussion about the correlation between hypothermia and cardiac arrest. This year I gained a much greater awareness of medicine, community, and their overlaps. I hope to go back again next year!

Rush University Medical Center

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