Moses Goren’s Politics Service Assignment

The beginning of Stefan’s class, Power Politics, and Citizenship, has focused primarily on the presidential election. None of us had any trouble discussing current events or the characters of the major presidential candidates, but not all of us were on equal footing when it came to discussing the issues of policy that are at stake this year. In fact, all of us were pretty unclear about just what it was Trump and Clinton were proposing on issues that hardly come up in the debates, like climate change or healthcare. After only a few discussions in class it was clear that the class, the community as a whole, and anyone else who was interested, would benefit from having one site, one page, where the two candidates could be compared solely on the issues, not because the noise of the campaign isn’t important in choosing our next president, but because we should not let the noise drown out other important aspects of that decision. Morgan Carmen and I tackled healthcare, taking information from the site only from platforms entirely controlled by the candidates. For Morgan, who was investigating Clinton’s healthcare plans, this was easy. All of the information as right there. For me, things were difficult. Trump’s website is a mess of spelling mistakes, 404 errors, and vague plans which hardly make any sense. Plus, the website was overhauled twice in the few days I was looking at it for information. We didn’t want to use interviews or appearances on television, as these could be too easily misused; our main sources of information were the candidates’s websites themselves. It was tricky.

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