My Summer in Argentina

This past summer, I went to Argentina, where I taught English and learned about Argentine and Mapuche Culture. I first took the 31 hour trip to Villa Pehuenia, a village of 2000 in the Andes Mountains


When I arrived I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity and genuine interest that the people expressed. I lived with a woman named Sandra. A little back story, my mom went to Argentina with a program called AFS, American Field Service, when she was 16. She lived with Sandra’s mom, but Sandra and my mom are both the same age. Anyway, I began to go to school there, eat incredible food, and teach English in the English Institute. I taught twice a week for 4 hours and I helped the students, most of whom also were in regular school with me, with grammar and vocab. I thought that this experience was absolutely incredible because I was able to live in another part of the world with such a different culture. The level of poverty there was very apparent, but everyone was nice and EXTREMELY generous. Teaching English was very humbling, because I was able to give a gift in exchange for the Spanish and culture that I was learning. I also felt so proud to be able to teach people about America and be listened to. I am thrilled that Sandra and one of her son’s is coming to America in December. I hope that you all can meet him. If you want to learn more about what I did there, not just about my school experience, visit

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