Stefano’s Reflection of Tobago Trip

Over the summer the boys varsity soccer team went on a service trip in Tobago. Our coaches, Warren and Sherwin, are from Tobago and we were therefore able to immerse ourselves into the culture of the island. We visited many of the beautiful sites on the island, my favorite of which was a set of waterfalls that we were able to swim in. We were also allowed to jump into the pools at the bottom of the waterfalls which made for an incredible experience. We also swam, hiked, and played tons of soccer. We played against many top teams that got us ready for the season ahead. We spent five days there allowing me to form a close bond with many of my teammates. The most important part of the trip and most morally rewarding was when we ran clinics for the kids there. At first, I did not expect to have so much fun running the clinics as I wouldn’t be playing myself, but in the end I had so much fun getting to know the kids. At the end of the clinics we organized cleats that we would end up giving out to those who participated. Seeing how happy they got when they received their new cleats was an incredible experience for me. We worked with St. Claire’s Coaching School and Bishop’s High School when running these clinics. This trip was very rewarding because we were able to get ready for the big season ahead physically and also able to train and give equipment to the kids there.

Stefano Oppici

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