Bonding in Tobago

During the last week of August the mens varsity soccer team were lucky enough to travel to Tobago. This trip held meaning for us because we were traveling to our coaches hometown (Warren Salandy and Sherwin O’Neill). We played local teams and did many different activities on the island, like snorkeling and cliff jumping. As well as having fun and playing games we brought soccer equipment to the island for coaches, players and teams. During some of the days on the island we ran clinics for schools and club teams on the island. At the end we would donate some of the equipment. Seeing what we could do and what impact we could make┬ámade me very joyful. By the end of the trip most of the island knew who we were. Our captain went to a TV station to conduct an interview with our coaches and David Lieber. Overall this experience was very fulfilling to what the Friends community stands for.

Nonprofit – Kleats For Kids

Rocco Danese

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