Tobago Summer Service

In the last week of August, the mens varsity soccer team traveled to Warren Salandy and Sherwin O’neil’s home land in Tobago. While in Tobago we explored and toured much of the island, and did played three exhibition matches. We additionally did days of service helping kids from the island, and distributed cleats to them. The three teams we played against were Bishop’s High School, St. Claire’s Coaching School, and the Tobago Select U17 team. We drew with the Bishop’s High School, 3-3, we beat the St. Claire’s Coaching School 2-0, and we beat the Tobago Select U17 team, 2-1. While doing this service, we distributed approximately 200 cleats, and additionally gave other kinds of equipment. We then held two clinics for the kids, one in Bishop’s High School, and one at the St. Claire’s Coaching School. We would distribute the equipment to the kids and the schools after each of these clinics. This was not only a very enjoyable experience, but a very fulfilling one as well.

Abram Goren


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