Alexander’s Tobago Service Reflection

Over the summer I visited Tobago with the boys varsity soccer team. We worked with an organization called Kleats for Kids to provide cleats and other soccer gear to the schools we visited. Before the trip I collected pairs of used cleats from my friends to be distributed in Tobago. In Tobago we would host volunteer soccer clinics, basically simple run throughs of how we practice, and afterwards we would pass out the cleats and gear. The clinics were amazing experiences, we got to meet and train with kids our age to as young as 5. Everyone was incredibly welcoming. We led clinics at Warren and Sherwin’s old high school, and with a team that they had been on for years when they were younger. Meeting the principle of their high school, and the coach that had trained them were incredibly memorable experiences. After the clinics we often would play against some of the students we had trained with. Not only did we train and play soccer in Tobago, we also explored and learned about the island. On the first day Warren brought us to get doubles, a breakfast snack made of a pancake and chickpea stew which everyone proceeded to spill. We also went to a waterfall called Argyle Falls where everyone had a great time exploring the river and jumping off of the rocks. The trip to Tobago was something I’ll never forget.

Kleats for Kids

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