Alex’s Schedule Generator Update

Last year, I figured out how to add my eight day schedule to Google Calendar by creating the events as a spreadsheet and then importing them. In the process, I realized that I could write a program that others in the community could use to generate spreadsheets and import their own schedules into Google Calendar. Using my basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I created a simple website that allowed users to input their schedules and download a generated spreadsheet. I eventually presented my generator so that others could use it. It felt great to know that my work was helping others keep organized and adjust to the new schedule. (For more information, see my relfection from last year.)

This year, I updated the dates of classes in the generator for the new school year. I also made the repeat function easier to use and added an option to repeat class twice per cycle. Additionally, I redesigned the website and added clearer instructions on how to use it. I also moved the website from Google Drive to Github in order to have a more reliable website and a simpler, more memorable url. The new link is I hope these updates will make the generator easier for people to use and that it will continue to contribute to the community in the future.

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