Ellie’s Experience with the Go Project

Over the summer of 2016 I interned with the Go Project, an organization in New York City that aims to bridge the educational gap that our city’s public school system is faced with.  Go Project distinguishes itself from other organizations of its kind by helping the children who are struggling the most in their schools.  This is unique because most services and organizations serve the students who are succeeding the most.  Effectively, kids who are already struggling in their schools continue to do so in increasingly magnified proportions, while others who are succeeding are the ones given the resources to further succeed.  

My days at the Go Project were divided into two sections: professional development and class time.  During professional development, I along with other interns discussed a variety of topics including segregation in New York City public schools, diversity and privilege, and educational equity.  Each week we were given several articles concerning one of these subjects and then had to write a reflection based on a query and the thoughts the articles evoked in us.  While I had always advocated the importance of education, as it plays a primary role in the ability for one to be socially and economically mobile and limits the presence of an aristocratic society,  these sessions helped to enhance my understanding of the importance of educational equity as well as the various elements that plague our city’s education system today.  Following the professional development sessions I would teach 3 music classes for first grade students.  The students’ day began with the academic classes, like English, math, and science, and ended with enrichment classes, such as karate, music, and improv/drama.  

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