Epidemiology Reflection #1

My group focused on the issue of diabetes and specifically diabetes within the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. While researching, we found that Bed-Stuy has a diabetes rate of around 16%, which equates to 34,000 people. This is higher than the city average of diabetes which is 10%. We wanted to service this neighborhood because not only was diabetes a prevalent problem, but there were many other socio-economic related issues that occurred in Bed-Stuy, and adding a clinic would be a way to help reduce one of the many issues.

The most challenging issue that we seemed to face while making this proposal was how expensive it was to have and run this clinic. It showed me that health care is no easy task, and that it takes many resources financially and in other ways to help with medical issues. Also, finding locations for clinics and other health buildings within New York is a difficult task. Which the city having so much commercial and residential property already, there’s not really any space to build a location, and then it’s hard to find a location for rent or sale that isn’t to expensive. With gentrification in neighborhoods such as Bed-Stuy on the rise, the prices for these spaces are increasing tremendously. So not only is the cost of the space expensive, but the equipment and the properly trained professionals necessary are as well.

I would love to possibly help in this area in the future however I can. Right now I don’t know how that will happen, but whichever way I can I would try and do so in the future.

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