Epidemiology Reflection #1

In my Epidemiology class, I, along with my group members Nicolette and Jared, developed a theoretical proposal to create a diabetic clinic in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. In addition to the data on the neighborhood’s data on diabetes, I found that Bedford-Stuyvesant is on the lower end in terms of both healthcare and poverty rates, with many people never going to a hospital, despite needing care, and a poverty rate of 33%. Since the diabetes rate was also rather high (16%), we wanted to open up a clinic that would be affordable and may encourage residents to approach their personal health in a more effective manner.

For me, it was rather challenging to figure out which neighborhood to choose in Brooklyn and what issue we wanted to focus on. There are many neighborhoods in Brooklyn with serious health conditions affecting the and there are numerous health problems in just the Bedford-Stuyvesant area. Learning that the clinic could not be a complete solution to everything diabetes related was a little frustrating, as the clinic could not logistically support most of the diabetes at Bedford-Stuyvesant at a any specific time, due to factors like space, supplies, money, and ease of access.

For me, I think researching more into public or private grants related to diabetic healthcare, or the encouragement of the creation of more of it, would be helpful.

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