Linus Service Reflection

This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping set up the lower school halloween party. It was so gratifying to blow up balloon after balloon, knowing that little children would be enjoying them later. Carrying boxes of candy up and down stairs was hard, but it was worth it knowing that the kids would go nuts over all the candy. The best part of the service experience was coming back the next day and getting to stand in the haunted hallway of the party, scaring little children. It was fun to dress up and spook the kids, and though some of them were unfazed, some of them got truly scared. The only downside was that I was wearing an itchy beard and the hallway was really hot, so I started to sweat profusely. However, this likely made me seem even more scary to the children, adding to my joy. I enjoyed knowing I was getting my service done in a fun, frightful, way.

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